Cosmic Ordering

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Cosmic Ordering – tips and tricks to success

What is cosmic ordering?

cosmic orderingIn simple terms cosmic ordering is asking the universe to provide you with what you desire, believing it will happen and sitting back and waiting for it to arrive.  Someone once told me “If you order something from Amazon you don’t ever doubt that it will turn up, once you have ordered it you forget about it, get on with your life and wait for it to arrive”.  This is the same for cosmic ordering, if you have any doubt or don’t believe it will work, it won’t!

It is really as simple as that, children who have not yet been brainwashed by society can do this quite easily, I remember on more than one occasion as a child doing this but not realising at the time what I was doing.  As we grow up and are constantly told we need to work for what we get, money doesn’t grow on trees, you can’t magic stuff out of thin air and so on, we start to believe this and cosmic ordering becomes a bit of a fantasy and many people laugh at the idea.

The power of the mind is phenomenal and scientists and medics have only scratched the surface.  No one really knows the true extent of what we can achieve with our thoughts and mind power.  It is important to keep an open mind about cosmic ordering and not just dismiss it because we don’t understand it.

Here are some tips and tricks you can adopt for successful cosmic ordering

Before you can change your circumstances you need to change yourself.  If you keep doing, saying, thinking the same thing day after day then change cannot happen.  Just change one thing that you do, say or think and see what happens.  For example, if you do not normally wear make up during the day, find 10 minutes in the morning to apply a bit of mascara, and lipstick, and see how that changes how you feel for the day.  I know when I make a bit of an effort with my appearance, I feel 10 times better about myself!

Look for the good in everything.  It is easy to automatically think negative things about a situation, but if you try and look at the positive or look at it from a different perspective, then this decapitates the negativity and changes how you feel.  For example just the other day I was overtaken by someone on road that was narrowing to a single lane.  The traffic was quite bad, the over taker shouldn’t of really done that move and I had to break to let her in front of me, which I did.  She did not thank me which really annoyed me, I find rudeness one of the most unforgivable actions.  However, the road widened again and she was going right and I was going straight on, I glanced over to her and noticed she was crying.  I then realised that she is clearly dealing with something with is far more important than waving thanks to me.  She might have been in a hurry to get the hospital or anything.  Once I tried to put myself in her shoes and no longer felt negative and actually realised that if my only issue is someone not saying thank you, then my life is actually quite good!  Remember cosmic ordering requires us the be positive.

Don’t let others get you down.  If you are having an average ok day, not brilliant but not terrible either and you encounter a friend or acquaintance that is having a really a really bad day what happens?  Do you take on that persons emotions or do you listen to what they are saying and let it pass you by?  It is easy to get bogged down with others problems and let them start affecting how you feel.  I am not saying don’t listen or don’t help, that is great if you can do that, but do not let their emotions rub off on you, keep an imaginary wall between you so that you can continue feeling happy and positive maybe use some cosmic ordering to make their life a bit better too!

Negativity is not bad if you don’t dwell.  Successful cosmic ordering requires us to a certain extent to get back to those childlike feelings when anything was possible.  As we get older we believe less in what we can’t see and touch and more in what we can.   We get bogged down in everyday life, worry and negativity creep in and we can sometimes find ourselves in a bit of a downward spiral.  Although it is better to banish negativity from your thoughts, it is unrealistic to assume we can do this.  If you find yourself being negative, don’t dwell on the negative thoughts, either think about the positive side (if there is one) or quickly start thinking about something else that is positive.

Focus on what you want, not of what you don’t want.  Have you ever thought about a friend you have not seen or heard from for a while and they suddenly ring you or turn up.  This is cosmic ordering at a subconscious level   However, it works for the things you don’t want too.  If you want a new car and have a clapped out banger at the moment, focus on getting the new car not getting rid of the old car.  The cosmos doesn’t recognise that you want to get rid of the old car, it just sees you focussing on the old car and thinks that this is what you want!

Don’t feel sorry for yourself – learn from your mistakes / unfortunate occurrences.  Sometimes things happen or we make mistakes that we wish hadn’t of happened.  Dwelling on these incidents will only attract more of the same. You need to accept what happened and move on.  Learn from it and take it with you so you do not get yourself into a similar situation.  Take the positive from it, what did you learn and what will you not do again.  Remember what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!

Thoughts are the driver, emotions are the vehicle.  Thought alone is not enough to get what you want by cosmic ordering.  We need to attach emotion to the thoughts.  If you book a holiday, you know when and where you are going.  It is exciting, you get those exited emotions, you start to imagine what you will do, how you will feel, in fact you can almost feel the water on you feet, the sand though your fingers and the sun on your back.  This is what you need when cosmic ordering.  Get yourself there and every time you think about cosmic ordering feel it too.

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Law of Attraction tips

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Law of attraction tips

Have you ever thought about an old friend whom you haven’t seen in decades and then a few days later you hear from them or randomly bump into them? Or have you ever wanted something without knowing how to go about getting it and it somehow it appeared almost like out of nowhere?? Most people will say that it was just a coincidence but that was actually the law if attraction in play.

The law of attraction is a belief that revolves mostly on the thoughts of an individual. It states that like attracts like and therefore thinking negative thoughts is encouraging negativity in your life while thinking positive thought attracts positives into your life. Everything in an individual’s life is determined by their thoughts. Whatever you think about, you attract in your life.

Since your thoughts determine what you receive in your life, it is important to learn how to control your thoughts. For most people this is a difficult task but it can be done. Most people who are in bad situations tend to focus their thoughts and their energy on the bad situation they are in and this only worsens the situation because they keep attracting negativity into their lives.

To attract positive things in your life you need to think positive thoughts. Make it a habit to think about all the good things in your life like family and focus on those especially when you are tempted to think about the negative things in your life for example like how much debt you have to pay.

3 Law of Attraction tips

The law of attraction works for anyone and for everything. Whatever you want in your life can be manifested by the use of the law of attraction. The law of attraction is quite easy to use because it only has three steps:

Ask: asking doesn’t necessarily mean making the request out loud. Thinking about it and telling yourself that that is what you want is enough. This means that you have to be aware of what you want. Take time to know what you want before asking for it so that you avoid changing your mind every few days. Creating a list of what you want is always a good way to focus your requests.

Believe: this means that you do not doubt the ability of the universe to grant your wish. Having doubts counteracts your wish and you end up not receiving whatever it is that you wanted. For example, if you want to get a promotion at work and you keep thinking that someone else is more qualified for the job and will probably get it then the universe will grant your wish and give the other person the job.

Receive: once you have made the request and you have no doubts about the ability of the universe to provide it for you, you will receive it. The big question is when? Sometimes the universe responds immediately or sometimes it takes time but if you have used the law of intention correctly then you can be sure you will receive it.

Applying the Law of Attraction tips

Be grateful for whatever you have

Taking time to be grateful for the things in your life basically means that you set time aside to think about all the things that bring you happiness and joy like family, good relationships, a good job etc. happy thoughts attract more positive things into your life.

Make a vision board

A vision board is particularly helpful in helping you visualize whatever it is that you want and have asked for in your life. Placing the board in a strategic position where you will be able to have a constant vie of it encourages you to keep sending your wish out to the universe of the things you want.
enjoy the process

Do not make the process of asking for things a chore that you have to do daily. Instead, have fun with it. You can make a game out of it especially for the small things. For example, the next time you go the store, identify a parking spot that you want. And as you go drive there, visualize exactly how you will react when you find that spot. Let yourself get excited at the thought of you actually getting the spot you want. Visualize yourself driving into that small spot that you want and let the law of attraction work its magic.

Mastering how to use the law of attraction may take time but once you master it and start receiving the things you’ve asked for, you will never want to stop using it because it works amazingly.

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10 tips for successful cosmic ordering

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10 brilliant Cosmic ordering tips

cosmic ordering1      Before cosmic ordering know what you desire

I know this sounds a bit daft, but if you really think about what you would desire, you will realise that we more often hone in on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. Devote some time to thinking about what you actually do want before placing your order.

2        Cosmic ordering must be positive

Never order what you don’t want, the universe can’t interpret negatives so will just return you what you ordered. So if your cosmic order was no more debt. The universe will just bring you more debt because you are focussing on debt and that’s what the universe thinks you want.


3          Still your mind when cosmic ordering

When ordering, do it when you are composed and relaxed and not thinking about or being distracted by anything else. An excellent time is in bed prior to sleeping and in the morning when you first wake up.

4          Ask for it

It is no good just thinking about what you want, you must ask for it. Either write it down or commit it to memory but say it out load everyday.

5         Formulate Emotional Certainty

It is not enough to just fire out the words to the universe, we need to give out emotion too. Your order and the emotion must join and be in balance for the best results. A great way to do this is believe you are as of now in possession of your desire, think how you will feel and send those emotions with your order.

6         Check your Biological Rhythms

You can check your biorhythms in the chart below, but basically we have positive and negative days, these are our natural cycles of growth and decay. Place your cosmic order when your biorhythm is high.

7         Lunar Phases

This can sound a bit freaky but the moon plays a big role in cosmic ordering. At certain times the moon can boost mental and spiritual work. A full moon is a really good time for cosmic ordering and appears to work better than at any other time of the month.

8         Get ready to collect

This is the hardest bit of cosmic ordering. You need to lift your frequency so you are open to receiving your order. You do this by feeling that you already have it. Focus on your order, imagine it and be fired up that it is on its way. When you place an order with Amazon, you never doubt that it will turn up!

9          Help the universe to deliver

If you are ordering the man of your dreams, for example, it is going to be almost impossible for the universe to deliver if you never leave the apartment. In this instance put your glad rags on, get some pals and get out to the disco!

10        Keep the connection open

Keeping an open connection to the cosmos can boost our wellbeing. The more energy and power we can draw into our auras the better and sunnier we are. Ask the universe for this gift and behold the important effect it has on impending requests.


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What is Cosmic Ordering

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Cosmic Ordering – what is it all about?

Thinking it’s impossible to get whatever you desire, be it better job, a big house, some money, and even love? What if all this is as simple as plain cosmic ordering.  Now many people are opening up their minds to a totally new idea, cosmic ordering.  It is an easy process of opening up your mind to totally new things so that you can learn something new and useful.
cosmic orderingIn fact, you can easily change you life by cosmic ordering.  It is believed that whatever you put in this universe is returned back to you.  This is true even in case you thoughts. Therefore, the idea that positive thinking is all that is required to bring about changes in your life is not that farfetched. Cosmic ordering works great with your positive thoughts which you send out to the universe without any negativity. Now you should focus on what you want to happen and not what you do not want to happen. Just try to make all your negative words positive. Aside from that, you should stop worrying about what you need as the process of cosmic ordering will deliver everything that you are interested in.


How does cosmic ordering work?

Some people are of a view that writing your thoughts make them more real, and it can be true if you want to ensure that all your thoughts go down in a positive way. However, in any case, they are still thoughts. Whatever you think, or happens in you mind affects cosmic ordering. For this reason, thinking in a positive way is the best option and is quite beneficial too.

Is there something that you should pay for?

It is a good idea to buy literature to compliment your efforts, by getting more knowledge about cosmic ordering, but in reality, cosmic ordering is concerning everything about you. It is all about having open and positive mind.

Getting success with law of attraction

* You should try to refocus your thoughts and concentrate on things that you are interested in. The easiest way to achieve this is with positive visualizations, and affirmations. Thinking about all these things is the best way to make cosmic ordering really work for you.

* However, mere thinking won’t get you the results. Therefore, you should also take some positive steps towards your dreams. These dreams could range from buying a house, starting a business, or taking to the girl you love.

* You should focus on your subconscious mind. There are several people who forget this aspect but this is really important for you. This area can be best handled by using subliminal messages.

You should try to bring all that you love, and prefer in your life with the help of cosmic ordering. Everybody is worth it, and deserves happiness. In the end, cosmic ordering will make you a happy person mainly due to your positive thinking. Therefore, try out, maybe this could be the best thing that you’d do in your life.

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